I’m a mum

3 min readMay 8, 2022

but what would be your defining moment as a mother?

„They are 3 in number. I am lucky to belong to the group of many mothers out there that never planned for pregnancy. After my first child- I had her in Nigeria before joining my husband in Germany, I hoped to finish grad school, get a job, and plan for another child, but nothing happened in the anticipated sequence. I took on motherhood curve balls and the rest is history. I’m currently raising teenagers and to be honest, this is the best phase of parenting! While other parents may dread this phase, I am loving it, sitting back while my teens serve as junior personal assistants. Life is good these days, as my life is actually starting” — culled and edited from my essay- About me

3 of them — Image by Author

Truly my life is good and actually starting!

On this Mother’s Day, I woke up immediately as my alarm went off at 6 am. Grateful that it is a Sunday and I can be a little lazy in bed. I also started reflecting on what has been the most defining moment of my life as a mother and the next minute the urge to pen down my reflections came along.

The kids have been noisy the whole week about their Mother’s Day gifts. Our home has been filled with conversations around planning their bus routes to the supermarket, how much pocket money they have saved and even stopping me from entering spaces in our house because they were…